Thursday, April 12, 2007

YGAMS.COM sizeing the Internet based on index footprint size.

My most recent programming project YGAM.COM is a Statical analysis engine utilizing and normalizing search results returned from Yahoo, Google, Ask, MSN, and Search index engines.

The YGAMS's normalization values are re-calculated and updated daily.
Today's YGAMS normalization calculations indicate the Internet to be about 6.44Billion indexed pages after statistically removing a whole lot of duplication.

Check your Internet footprint and compare your YGAMS score with friends and family.

YGAMS Statistical Engine is great tool for the trivia buff.

What is the most used single letter? A
What computer company has the largest Internet footprint?
#1 Apple~63M
#2 HP~58M
#3 IBM~41M
#4 Dell~28M

Collectors should find this tool helpfully in their research, particularly in determining overall popularity of an item or subject.

YGAMS the game is in the works, till then have fun with this advanced preview of this new Statical analysis engine. Needless to say this Beta copy has a distinct lacking of fluff at this time. I hope to expand the website with more fluff and trivia, as soon as I return from TAX hell, as it is that time of the year again.

The current YGAMS Beta has been optimized for use with the current generation of Internet enabled wireless phones and PDAs. This version looks best on a very small screen or in a tiny window. This YGAMS Beta has only been tested with the Cingular 8100-8525 and 8100 Verizon 6700, at the time of this muttering. I would really be happy if people out there with internet enabled cellphones and PDA's would use these urls: HTTP://YGAMS.COM/?WIRELESS or HTTP://YGAMS.COM/?PDA one time so I can identify the incoming header and screen-size information sent by other phones. If you do not have an Internet enabled PDA or cell phone feel free to pass these links on to any one who might have one or knows some one who does.

Comments and Ideas are welcome ....