Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Computer Collectors and Collecting

I have been interested in and collected Computer Collectables for most of my life, storage costs and concerns along with moving costs has cost me much of my collection over the years and I am not alone.

I regularly hear sad stories of fellow collectors passing on and their collections were sold as scrap or worse yet, priceless collectables dumpstered along with the rest of the junk. In some cases the collections are broken up and sold on eBay, often badly listed or listed as a generic unknown.

What follows is a string of conciseness on the subject of Collectors and their collections, for those interested I have started a separate Blog on this subject from the viewpoint of a publisher and developer .

While most collectors enjoy showing off and talking about their collections, few have the desire or resources to build and maintain a website for their collections. Those of us that do have a strong desire to share online, have already started a webpage or three :)

There are many that have small collections of but are happy to contribute pictures and stories as long as they do not have to maintain anything themselves.

There are some young and energetic people that want to contribute but know not how.

more thoughts on this later .....